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WORLD'S 2023极速飞艇官方开奖历史记录-168结果号码查询-168飞艇官网查询开奖结果-开奖历史记录查询

Our ultra-modern 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and headquarters is located in Connecticut, USA.

Engineered For Efficiency &

Industry Leading Designs for Flat & Cylindrical Products

Made Custom For Your Process



Systematic Automation has been making screen printing machines, UV curing machines , flame treatment machines , and vacuum tables for 40 years. SA has been engineering industry leading machines & providing proven solutions since 1983. Every SA product is built & designed in the USA.



  • World’s largest manufacturer of precision screen printing machines.
  • Print all of your flat & cylindrical products.
  • Training & immediate support provided.
  • Over 40 years of designing and manufacturing knowledge
UV Conveyor


  • For UV curing your flat and cylindrical products.
  • Revolutionary patented irradiator design.
  • Lamp sizes up to 40″(101cm). Conveyor belts up to 144″(365cm).
  • Tri-Power System (200/300/400 WPI) with Adjustable Settings.
vacuum tables


  • Capable of flatness plus or minus 001” (.025mm) over a ten square foot span.
  • Vacuum tables manufactured for your process.
  • Over 40 years of design and manufacturing knowledge.
  • Modular system integration with options available for your application.



2023极速飞艇官方开奖历史记录 since 1983

Maximize your profits and control your production by taking your printing in house. It is easier than ever to produce precise designs with long-term durability using one of our industry leading screen printing machines.

Learn more about how your can start your own screen printing business.

We are here to help your business succeed. Connect with our expert team to learn more and have all your questions answered in real-time.

  • Taking your printing in house will substantially improve your yearly ROI
  • Our machines are easy to learn, with U.S. based support available as needed
  • Save money and centralize your production through printing in house
  • Have more control over the delivery of your branded product

飞艇开奖历史记录查询168网 FEATURED Machines


At Systematic Automation, we strive to increase the productivity of our customers through world class screen printing machines, uv curing systems and vacuum tables.


World Class Screen Printing Machines

Systematic Automation screen printing machines can handle a nearly infinite variety of products. We manufacture machines that can print on cylindrical, flat, rigid and flexible products. Our machines are designed to lower your printing costs, and increase your productivity.

Exceptional Flame Treatment Machines

Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of flame treatment equipment such as our patent pending flame treatment design to provide 360 degree coverage of all types of cylindrical products.

UV Curing Systems for Inks, Coatings and Adhesives

For both conventional UV curing systems and LED curing, Systematic Automation has you covered. From equipment design to after sale servicing as well as parts, Systematic Automation prides itself in being a one stop shop for all your UV curing needs.

Custom Vacuum Tables

For over 30 years our vacuum tables have been designed and manufactured to the highest possible tolerances. Because we offer so many different options, we can customize vacuum tables for your specific vacuum application. We also have extensive experience in providing vacuum tables with CNC capabilities. Contact us today and let us create that vacuum table that is just right for you.

Stencil for screen printing machines.

​How to Make a 168飞艇官网查询开奖结果

When bringing screen printing in-house, the most popular question from customers is how and what they will use to make screens. If you are just beginning screen printing in-house, it is heavily recommended that you rely on a 3rd party for producing your screens. There are different types of third party sources we would recommend,…

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T8-SS automatic screen printing machine

Screen Printing Automation for Startups

In the past, automation was reserved for large companies printing on a massive scale. As original designs become templates and parts availability expands, automation becomes more affordable for startups. For simplicity, we will define automation as a means for screen printing which does not require stopping hands on manual printing. Automation involves a machine that…

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Open floor wharehouse

Optimizing Your Screen Printing Space: How to Get the Most Out of Your Work Area.

You want to bring your screen printing in-house. One factor most business owners overlook is, where are you going to set up your equipment? We often speak with customers who are replacing, upgrading, or adding new screen printing equipment to facilitate curing, screen making, and related equipment to keep as much of the process in…

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Green and gold semiconductor and computer micro chip supply chain shortage.

Why Buy Your Screen Printing Machine Within the US

Current and future global events have posed a risk to purchasing screen printing machines worldwide due to a microchip shortage. We are now going through a worrying time when the global market is unpredictable. And since 2020, it has become clear how important it is to produce and buy within the US, not globally.  Our…

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